Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Joining the iPinion team with a new column on sustainable living

I am very pleased to announce that the folks over at iPinion have decided to add this here little blog to their website, and have furthermore asked me to write a weekly column for them on the topic of sustainable living.  A group of professional writers seeking an outlet for their opinions, iPinion is a high traffic site which features a handful of accomplished columnists, photographers, poets and writers.  In their own words:
  • The iPinion Syndicate is a collective of accomplished and award-winning writers and photographers who have come together to share their disparate thoughts, beliefs, humor, imagery, world-views, rants, diatribes, useless banter, substantive insights, ideological b.s., and perhaps sometimes odd outlooks on life.
I am honored that they chose me to write for their site, especially since I have no background in journalism and they chose me solely on the strength of this blog!  Thanks to David Lacy and the rest of the iPinion team, I am very happy to be on board and look forward to working with all of you.


  1. Sorry, had to re-post, because apparently blogger is just a little bit retarded when it comes to changing the text background color. There is no way to restore it to default.

    But thanks, Kim, for your congratulations on the first iteration of this post.

  2. Congratulations Gabe. Are you a BRING fan on Facebook? http://www.facebook.com/BRINGrecycling
    You could post your good news on the "just others" section of the wall, spread the word and encourage others.

  3. Julie - I am now! I will post something on your 'just others' wall later today maybe. Thanks for your continued support, I love BRING and stop by as often as I can.