Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Sue

My mother is an English Teacher, a songwriter and a poet, and to her I owe what ever gift with words I can claim.  Because of her influence, I have a familiarity with the English language and a love of words that has served me well in every endeavor in my life.  The ability to cleverly turn a phrase or concisely state your views is the ability to shape your reality and the perceptions of those around you.  Through communication we engage our world, and those who can bend language to their will can accomplish anything.  So for my gift with words: thank you.

My mother is an activist, an idealist, and an advocate, and to her I owe my hopes and my aspirations, my ideals and my passions.  Always on the side of the underdog and ever hopeful against all odds, my mother taught by example that if we hold ourselves to our ideals in every endeavor it is possible to achieve the impossible.  So for my ideals and my hope: thank you.

My mother is, of course, a mother, and to her I owe my life.  She is the mother of three boys, and the grandmother of a boy and girl.  She has given us everything that we are, and all that we will be.  So for everything: thank you.

Happy Mother's day, to all the mothers in my life: Mary, Jan, Seymantha, and all the rest.  But most importantly, to Sue, happy mothers day.

Love, your son,

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