Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Oregon Trail: Part I

So what's green about driving two cars, packed to the roof with random stuff, one with two bikes strapped to the trunk, from Los Angeles to Eugene OR? Nothing! But sometimes you get stuck.

As much as I would like to pretend that I live a perfectly sustainable life, the reality is that we were not about to abandon our cars. We tried to sell my wife's Honda Prelude, but in Los Angeles the car you drive is a statement about your self worth, and no one wants an old car with some body damage (even though the engine has another 100k in it).

So, upshot: we took a 5 days to drive up the California coast, through the redwoods, and through southern Oregon, and it was a beautiful experience. Watching the climate change from the chaparral of southern California to the forests of the pacific north west was a unique experience, and the vistas along the coast were unbelievable.

The long hours of driving also gave me a lot time to meditate on some things that have been kicking around in my head recently, and I have decided to try and distill them into a few blog posts, one for each day, loosely paralleling our journey up the coast. Also, it will be the first five posts of a new plan: post at least one entry to the blog every day for the rest of September.

I realize that this is a new blog, and most new blogs fail very quickly, so now that most of my excuses are in the past (the move, a weird schedule, etc), I am going do dive into the deep end and get this ball rolling. If those metaphors mix.

So, a post a day, every day this month, starting with a new post today: The Oregon Trail Part II.

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